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Message From The Managing Partner

Why are you in business? Constructing commercial buildings or infrastructure, caring for patients, delivering services to clients—this is what you do. But why? Are you looking to build a comfortable life for your family? Security in retirement? Even financial support for an important cause? These are all end goals that make your work—and ours—fulfilling.

At Ceschini CPAs Tax & Advisory, PLLC, we believe that your business is the vehicle to achieving your personal income and quality of life goals.

That's why our focus is on you—the business owner. Since 2002, we’ve been partnering with select closely held business owners to provide not only accounting and tax guidance, but also the entrepreneurial guidance to turn their enterprises into high-performance vehicles. We call this hands-on approach Business-Wise™ Accounting.

We see our role as that of an outside, objective partner in your business. We stand by your side and communicate constantly to hold you accountable and make sure you run the business by the numbers, not by your gut. We also work with you to design a roadmap that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be—and we deliver the financial insights that will keep your vehicle (aka, the business) on the right path to reach that destination.

I am confident that, once given the opportunity, our firm will exceed your expectations for professionalism and communication while helping you achieve the results for your business and your life that you always envisioned.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can help, please give me a call at (631) 474-9400.

Michael B. Ceschini, CPA, CCIFP, CM&AA
Managing Partner
Ceschini CPAs Tax & Advisory, PLLC